• Teaching BIO397 - Applied Machine Learning block course, 2019-2022.

    I deliver lectures and exercises for Julia programming language, linear algebra, multivariate calculus, machine learning, neural networks, and evaluation and improvement of machine learning models. I teach students with no previous knowledge of machine learning to design and perform complete machine learning workflows.

  • Lecture at reproducible research workshop, EAWAG, 2018, Kastanienbaum, Switzerland.

    I gave a lecture and hands-on tutorial about using Git version control system and collaboration using Github. (Teaching material here)

  • Teaching Assistant, Geometric morphometrics, UZH, 2018.
  • Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Bioinformatics, UZH, 2013.

    As part of a team, tutored about 30 students in the Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies programs to help them solve their programming questions in Python.

  • Teaching Assistant, Principles of Evolution, UZH, 2013.

    I prepared teaching material for R programming and delivered two lectures on Modeling Population Genetic Simulation of Natural Selection and Drift Processes. Moreover, I fielded questions from students on lecture topics.