Hobbies and interests

  • Bidar literary magazine (in Persian)

    In mid-2019 I founded an online literary magazine focusing on publishing short stories. I have since wrote several articles in the magazine. We have managed to attract hundreds of people to write short stories, many of which were first-time writers. Furthermore, we organized a short story contest that received more than 700 submissions.}

  • Programming

    In my spare time I write tools. See my Github profile for the tools I have written.

    In 2019, I wrote the first agent-based modeling framework in the Julia language (Agents.jl), which was received well by the community and is now a part of Julia Dynamics organization.

    I have also written a GUI application for organizing and quickly accessing research notes (GraphNotes), a thesaurus of Persian nouns from Moeen Dictionary (Moeen_thesaurus), and a program to analyze photography habits using the metadata photos (AnalyzeImageMetadata.jl).

  • Writing
    • I write in my blog (in Persian) about topics such as philosophy and politics.
  • Translation

    In 2017, I translated into Persian and published Karl Popper’s “Three worlds”.

  • Music

    I am a core member of Setar Cultural Association since 2014. We organize Iranian classic music concerts in Zurich, Switzerland. I also play Setar.

  • Photography

    It has helped me re-discover nature and learn to observe light, texture, contrast, and composition.

  • Reading